Our Team

Amore is an Italian company based in India.

Among our Founders


Our Chef is the real engine of Amore. Chef Costanzo, motivated in terms of passion for Gelato.

Costanzo Malatto – He loves Italian traditional flavours, from Pistachio to Chocolate and regular Sorbet. He is the root of Amore, a treasure of old Italian traditions and recipes. He is an international award winning Gelato chef. And he was the pioneer who started Amore back in 2006, leaving from time to time his tiny well known shop in Italy to set up the first parlour in Bandra, Mumbai. He has the final say in approving a flavor.

Our Team in India which is actually running the show:

Dilkash Abbas – Our Director Hyderabad. Apart from being one of our Directors, she physically built up our second hub. But don’t get enchanted by her sweetness. She is a real business leader despite her joyful sweet smile.

Yasser Ali – He is one of the founders of Amore, who genuinely hosted the office of our organization in his tiny apartment for more than one year. He is the growth engine of Amore, Director in charge of Business Development who brings an idea to life. Sometimes he runs too fast for the rest of the organization…

Rakeish Lavangare – Our chef in India in charge of Production and R&D.

As far as the rest of our team is concerned, well, Nayyer Hussain – our Chairman and other 2 founders are in charge of the company strategy and we have to mention all our employees. Overall Amore can luckily count on the collaborations and passion of 150 Amore Team members, all members of our family.