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Amore Gourmet Gelato

Since 1960 the passion for traditional Italian gelato

What’s inside our AMORE gelato

Don’t look for anything else!
– This is our commitment to you –

It took us 4 long years of constant research and development to achieve these standards in India. We don’t believe in industrial production, which is why our products are all HAND CRAFTED, daily, even today, in the age of machines.

What’s more, we don’t use industrial pre-mixed powders or any kind of aromas. Despite what you may have heard or read, AMORE is the only gelato company that makes from scratch every morning, stirring the same passion of 40 years ago into that cup of Gelato you love.


has developed a range of flavours using organic ingredients..

Everyone knows that organic products are healthier, since they do not support the use of chemicals in raising crops and livestock. By their very nature, they also respect the environment and support rural economy .


AMORE is working hard to source from suppliers/ growers/ farmers who offer fair conditions and salaries to their workers. We have just signed an agreement with Under the Mango Tree, an ethical, organic certified company that supports rural farmers and honey producers to help us realise our goal.

PEOPLE and ENVIRONMENT FIRST – This is our commitment to you–