Amore - The Romance of Amore

Our Roots

Our roots go back to 1960’s, when forefathers of our Co-founder Chef Costanzo opened a family Gelato shop in an idyllic seaside village close to the acclaimed “Cinque terre” villages in Italy. They had a simple dream – to make people happy by serving the best Gelato available with totally natural ingredients. And even at that time, the motto was: never compromise on quality!

Today the same shop continues to serve exceptional Gelato to 2nd and 3rd generation customers and the fruits of all this wonderful experience have been brought over to India.

India..? YES! When we started in Italy, our objective in life was simple – We wanted to create something we could be proud of. Then one day, we had a visitor, Nayyer, an Indian friend who lived close by and was passionate about our Gelato. So much so that he challenged us: “Will you be able to produce your authentic handmade Gelato in India”?

India needed good Gelato – a naturally made product that was good for everyone, those who ate it, those who made it, the country and the environment. An easy plan, we thought… How wrong we were! It was extremely hard to start up here. It was an exciting challenge, especially for us! We were good at producing Gelato, but anything else we had to learn it on the field…starting from learning English, where we were not fluent at all! But we poured our hearts into it.

In March 2006 we opened our doors in INDIA! Our first tiny AMORE gourmet Italian “Gelateria (GELATO parlour) still serves up Gelato with a smile at Carter Road, Bandra, Mumbai.

Pioneering in anything is tough, of course but bringing authentic Italian Gelato to India was grueling! Gelato by nature is a delicate product, requiring the freshest ingredients, a foolproof supply chain and proper storage. When we opened, we had none of the resources required locally to make authentic Italian Gelato.

Since then, by waking up before the birds every morning, and certainly earlier than any ice-cream makers, we have been committed to ensure you “No compromise on quality!” It took us 4 years to perfect our natural, 100% locally made, 100% natural and vegetarian authentic Italian Gelato. But even today, as it was 50 years ago, ‘no compromise on quality and on our traditions’ remains our most important guiding factor in our philosophy.

Thanks to all our Gelato fans in India, we have grown from strength to strength and today AMORE serves premium gourmet Italian Gelato from 25 shops in Mumbai, Surat and Hyderabad!

Every time you walk away smiling and satisfied with our Gelato, you help us take another step forward. So, thank you! And please consider us as an open family, as we consider you part of our family. Hence feel free to contact us any time, and let us know what you think about us.