We have grown our business organically so that we would be able to understand and resolve all the issues that pertain to producing and serving a fresh product in a very challenging environment. In 2008, we awarded our first franchise and then took 5 years to refine our business model so that we could expand rapidly without compromising the quality of our product.

We are now proud to announce that our franchise model has been working successfully since 2013 and has demonstrated that our vision to serve the highest quality product anywhere in the world  has been proven to be successful.


It had taken us over 5 years refining our franchise model to allow even a person with no background or experience in the culinary arts to not only flourish into a budding entrepreneur but also a master gelato chef. To achieve this feat, we have developed, the Maestro* System, a special production methodology that allows our franchise partners to produce fresh gelato at their parlour or in a small laboratory that supply their local territory.
This simple, yet very important process differentiates Amore Gelato from other gelato brands. As a result, our product is made fresh every day thereby reducing waste, improved presentation and allows for creative freedom of the products that can be offered.


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