Franchise With Us & Earn

Why Franchise with Amore

The Legacy:

The recipes and the expertise that go into making of Amore gelato were born and honed at SestriLevante, on the Italian Riviera. Even today we neither miss those pre-defined proportions nor use any ingredients which aren’t natural and fresh.  Every flavour of our gelato has the same feel, texture and richness which the gelatieres prepare in Italy. In fact, Amore has won three awards for best flavours at SIGEP, a gelato fair where gelatieres all around the world come down to.  All this achievement has been possible because of the recipes, machinery, production procedures, outlet formats have adhered to the authentic Italian way of preparing the gelato. And when we join hands with our franchisees we encourage them to be a part of this legacy to and the wonderful experience of gelato-making.

Nutrition Value:

Amore Gelato is a values bound business. Not only do we consider the taste and flavour of our gelato of prime importance, but also we do not believe in compromising on the health of our customers in any way whatsoever. That is why, our gelato is made fresh every day. We prepare different flavours of gelato in small batches, just enough for a day’s consumption. Since it is prepared fresh every day, there is also no need to add any preservatives or artificial additives to it. We are proud to say that our gelato is 100% preservative-free. Amore gelato is made from whole milk or water, no cream or other fats, with only freshest of natural and vegetarian ingredients. When you associate yourself with our gelato, you are associating not only a great tasting product, but a product that can be relished by each and everyone without any inhibitions.

Technology and Ingredients:

The machinery and the equipments we use are sourced from the best suppliers, some, even from Italy to yield only high quality product. Although many of our ingredients are purchased locally, some essential ones are imported from Italy to avoid the necessity of resorting to any artificial flavours. Our franchisees, hence, can rest assured that all the technical support will be easily provided to them without any hindrance to the smooth-sailing of their business.

Brand Amore:

“Made with Love” says our tagline. Amore is loved by our gelato aficionados for the ambrosial gelato we serve them with and believe that it is a gourmet experience in itself. As our franchisee, we invite you to share the same love we receive from our customers.



Amore Gelato Franchise Process


Ten Steps to your own Amore Outlet

  • Step One: Franchising Enquiry
  • Step Two: Submission of Online Questionnaire
  • Step Three: Review of Non-Disclosure Document (NDA)
  • Step Four: Detailed Presentation of Business Model
  • Step Five: Assessment of Site Feasibility and Profitability
  • Step Six: Visit to the Head Office for a Detailed Presentation, Demonstration and MoU           signing
  • Step Seven: Signing the Lease & Franchise Agreements
  • Step Eight: Collaboration with Architects on Design and Fit-Out
  • Step Nine: Training You
  • Step Ten: Launch of Your Outlet


Step One:  Franchise Enquiry

To inquire online, click the “Application” tab and fill out the required information.  Based on your initial inquiry, further information on franchising shall be made available to you.

Step Two:  Submission of Online Questionnaire

Fill out the Franchise Questionnaire with as much detailed information as you are comfortable sharing with us at this time. The Questionnaire is a simple form that provides us with general information on your background: how you became interested in Amore, the location and premises desired and your financial plans.  After we scrutinise your form, we shall determine if your request is suitable for our franchise [(or) determine if all the elements are compatible with our franchise module] and respond accordingly.

Step Three: Review of Non Disclosure Document (NDA)

If your application qualifies our review, we will send you a Non-Disclosure agreement  to be signed by both the parties for the inter- transfer of sensitive data between them.

Step Four: Detailed Presentation of Business Model

Upon signing of a formal NDA you will be given detailed information on our franchise business model to determine if our system is suitable to your expectations and abilities.

Step Five:  Assessment of Site Feasibility and Profitability

A market research will be carried out to determine whether the site identified is suitable for a franchise outlet and will yield the expected return on your investment.

Step Six:  Visit to the Head Office for a Detailed Presentation, Demonstration and MoU signing

If our assessment deems your business model and site profitable, you will be invited to Amore’s Head Office for a formal presentation and live demonstration on how we operate our franchise business.  After the presentation you will have the opportunity to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding to enable both parties to expedite the formalities of the franchise agreement.

Step Seven: Signing the Lease & Franchise Agreements

Upon the completion of our approval process, the next step is to sign the Franchise Agreement and in parallel, enter into a license agreement for the site identified. The Amore team shall assist you in lease negotiation and signing formalities. This seals our legal commitment to each other and the landlord of the property selected.  We, then, become partners in the true sense and our journey as a family begins.

Step Eight:  Collaboration with Architects on Design and Fit-Out

Amore will give you specified materials and design criteria for maximum store efficiency and visual appeal.  During this step, you will work with the architect for completion of design, obtaining the required permits and build-out of the shop or kiosk. Other activities which include marketing, equipment procurement, store fit-outs and staffing shall also be supported by us.

Step Nine: Training You

To ensure that you are confident and equipped with the proper knowledge,  we will carry out a comprehensive training program for you.  The training will cover all aspects required to run a smooth and successful operation independently.

Step Ten:  Launch of Your Outlet

The Amore team will support you during the “Soft Launch” to ensure that all operations are run smoothly.  Amore shall continue to provide support on marketing, public relations, training and various vulnerable areas that you may not be acquainted with.  Our team will continue to support you in a myriad of other issues pertaining to the successful launch, stabilization of the business and, of course, your future growth.

For More Details:


+91 – 22 6127 0830



Our Support to Franchisee


Amore will provide you with  consistent personal assistance. We are a growing organisation driven by passion. As a franchisee, you will receive personalized support and feedback from all levels of our management: be it well-trained craftsmen, marketing assistance, HR help or product enquiries. We treat our franchisees as our partners in growth You will be dynamically involved in shaping our future for all strategic decision making and process improvements.

Site Selection & Negotiation

The (gourmet gelato Real Estate team)?will work to find the most advantageous location with the most competitive cost, in each agreed area for the new outlet. The franchisee will be totally involved in this process and will work toward successful selection, lease negotiation and signing to secure a targeted space.

Store Design and Build-Out Support

Our team will work closely with you, executing plans which shall turn your retail space into an environment conducive for business. Our designers will design the store configurations of your new space, aid build-out of the store and installation of the equipment. Our team shall be with you from the initial lay-out to store completion.


Amore will provide essential marketing material for in-store customer information, local promotions, advertising, online marketing initiatives, and local marketing consulting.

Investment Required

The total investment for a highstreet outlet or a kiosk includes the equipment and fit-out cost, staff training, architectural and design fees, the franchise fee and other specified overheads. It falls around Rs. 9,00,000 for a kiosk to Rs. 15,00,000 for a highstreet outlet, and may vary according to the equipment chosen. .

Formats available

  • Kiosk Format- suitable for malls. Area desirable 80-160 sq ft.
  • High-street parlour- Area desirable 140-300 sqft