How did Amore get started?
A After an idle conversation that led to serious brainstorming between two of our founders – Nayyer Hussain and Yasser Ali – Amore was conceptualized. When Master Gelatiere Costanzo Malatto came on board with his skills and recipes Amore received the authenticity that was the missing ingredient to offer franchise licenses in addition to delivering our pre-packaged products. We served our first scoop in March 2006 and we continue to offer the grown nationally at Carter Road, Bandra and now have over 40 retail points of sale.

What is the inspiration behind Amore Gelato?
AIn one word: passion. Our founders Nayyer Hussain, Yasser Ali and Master Chef Costanzo Malatto are passionate about serving authentic Italian gelato made fresh every day. Amore in Italian means love. This is an essential ingredient in our gelato when we persevere to keep it fresh and untouched by any artificial additives; One could say it is our passion to serve the best gelato that we draw our inspiration from.

When did Amore start franchising?
AWe have grown our business organically so that we understood and resolved all the issues that pertain to producing and serving a fresh product in a very challenging environment. In 2008, we awarded our first franchise and have spent the past 5 years refining our business model so that we could expand rapidly without compromising the quality of our product.
How does gelato differ from ice cream?
A By regulations of FDA, for a frozen dessert to be qualified as a gelato, its fat content should be less than 10%. Amore Gelato has fat content between 6-8% (depending on the flavor). Gelato is also served at a temperature higher than that at which ice-cream is served, which enables it to melt easily in your mouth imparting a flavor much stronger than ice-cream and preventing brain-freeze. Another major distinction between the two is that gelato is not full of air and therefore imparts more flavour and gives the customer what they pay for.
Amore also offers sorbettos which have a water base and hence are fat-free.
Our gelatos and sorbettos are made fresh daily to skip the necessity of adding any preservatives. So the gelato you enjoy is not only delicious but also healthy.

Does Amore supply to other businesses ?
AYes. Please contact us for more information.


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