How did Amore get started?

After an idle conversation that led to serious brainstorming between two of our founders – NayyerHussain and Yasser Ali – Amore was conceptualized. When Master Gelatiere Costanzo Malatto came on board with his skills and recipes Amore received the heart that was to spread love through its delicious gelato. We set up our first outlet in March 2006 at Carter Road, Bandra, Mumbai. It is one of our highest grossing outlets in the chain, still serving gelato with the same fervor.

What is the inspiration behind Amore Gelato?

The inspiration behind Amore is the passion shared by our founders NayyerHussain, Yasser Ali and Master Chef Costanzo Malatto to bring to India not just authentic Italian gelato but gelato made in the traditional and artisanal way. Amore in Italian means love. This is an essential ingredient in our gelato when we persevere to keep it fresh and untouched by any artificial additives; this is an unmistakable expression on our faces when we serve gelato with a smile at our outlets. One could say it is our passion to serve the best gelato that we draw our inspiration from.

How many Amore outlets are in operation and where are they located?

Currently, we have 23 outlets in India of which 14 are in Mumbai, 6 in Hyderabad, 2 in Ahmedabad and 1 in Surat.

When did Amore start franchising?

We have grown our business organically for the last 3 years and only recently, we set out  to become a national brand. It is just in the recent past that we have added franchising as one of our models for expansion.

How does Gelato differ from ice cream?

By regulations of FDA, for a frozen dessert to be qualified as a gelato, its fat content should be less than 10%. Amore Gelato has fat content around 3% (depending on the flavor). Also gelato is served at a temperature higher than that at which ice-cream is served, which enables it to melt easily in your mouth imparting a flavor much stronger than ice-cream and preventing brain-freeze.

Amore also offers sorbettos which have a water base and hence are completely fat-free.

Our gelatos and sorbettos are made fresh daily to skip the necessity of adding any preservatives. So the gelato you enjoy is not only delicious but also healthy.

Who is Amore Gelato’s target market?

Amore’s target customer is the quintessential food connoisseur. We do not categorise our customers into any stringent demographics. We aim to satisfy that intent customer who is gastronomically driven and who not just relishes our ambrosial gelato but also appreciates the effort and content-value put in his scoop. At Amore, we call them Amore Aficionados.

How does Amore market to consumers?

We believe in bringing to the fore what we are actually giving to the customer in that scoop of delicious gelato. So our in-store branding mainly comprise our USP’s like being 100% Preservative-Free, Low on Fat and so on. We have also had tie-ups with many brands which share almost similar segment of customers for symbiotic promotions. Being a dynamic brand means being present where the crowd is; our active Facebook fan page helps us keep in touch and in constant conversation with our fans on a day-to-day basis. We’ve also introduced quite a few offers which cater to the requirements of both our regulars and new customers, like the Aficionado Cards, Flavour of the Week and so on.

What events does Amore cater?

Amore gourmet gelato caters a wide variety of events including wedding receptions, school and college events, private parties and also charitable activities.

How is Amore connected to the community?

We have community arrangements like Navdanya, which is a network of organic producers spread across 16 states in India. We also support initiatives like Under the Mango Tree, The Village Store, and Rural Micro businesses. It has always been our endeavor to give back to the society, in the best way we can.