Competitor Analysis

Amore Gelato Other Frozen Desserts


Amore Gelato is made fresh daily, in small batches. Whatever gelato is left at the end of the day is retrieved to the kitchen.


Industrial ice-cream is made in large batches for stored for months.




Since we prepare it on a daily basis, enough for a consumption of a day, we do not need to add any preservatives or artificial additives.


Usually contain lot of additives and preservatives to prolong their shelf life.




We use locally sourced fruits and all natural ingredients to ensure low-fat, healthy and delicious gelato. Some ingredients are imported.


Generally use powdered fruits with artificial colouring and flavouring agents.




Amore gelato has a smooth and a rich texture which gives a distinctive taste and leaves a lingering after-taste.


High fat content coats the tongue because of which the true flavour cannot be tasted.




Gelato is served at a temperature much higher than the ice-cream, which enables it to melt easily on the tongue and imparting a strong flavour.


The normal ice-cream is served at a very low temperature. It is so cold that one can get a brain freeze and cannot experience the flavour at all.


Fat Content


Amore Gelato contains only 3-4% fat, while our sorbetto (water-based) is completely fat-free.  We also have sugar-free options in some of our flavours.


The other frozen desserts contain more than 10% fat which deteriorates their flavour.


Flavour Choices


Apart from our most loved flavours, we serve different flavours throughout the week from our 150 flavours.


Very limited choice in the flavours.





We take pains to manually garnish our gelato right from the kitchen to make it visually appealing and appetizing.


Seldom, if ever, garnished. Visual appeal is not a priority.





More intense flavour


More subdued flavour




Amore Gelato has lesser overrun compared to normal ice-cream, i.e. less air is pumped into it.


Industrial ice-creams have a higher overrun, which means more air and lesser product.