A Message from the Chef

Chef Costanzo @ Amore


Dear Gelato lover,

At AMORE everyone is committed to quality, with an ethical approach to doing business. When eating a frozen dessert, why choose something industrial, produced weeks or months before, if you can enjoy something healthy, hand-crated and freshly made?

While it would make our jobs much easier (and we would certainly enjoy more profit) if we took shortcuts such as using industrial pre-mixed ingredients, we shun the easy way out. We make Gelato the same way our grandfathers did, and our creations are crafted and delivered fresh every day just like they were in their time. We don’t mind that fresh and fragile ingredients go off quickly – we start from scratch each morning…very early. We will never compromise on quality

Take a look on the right side menu list and find out more about our product offer.

With passionate love,

Your personal chef  Costanzo Malatto