Our Legacy


Our story began in 1960, in Sestri Levante, a seaside town on the Italian Riveria. With little more than a passion to create great gelato and the desire to share it with the world, Luigi Panero planted a seed in 1960 that continues to grow and flourish till this day.

Luigi had dedicated the greater part of his life to innovating and improving his craft. His 45 years of commitment to authenticity was recognized in 2006 when the prestigious honour of, “Gelatiere of the Year”, was conferred upon him by the Association of Italian Gelatiere.   

It is our privilege to build on Luigi’s values and traditional approach to making gelato. We take great pride in upholding these standards with each and every batch of gelato that is made.

We do it for the same reason Luigi did it… because we love it!

Chef Constanzo Malatto


“Amore means love but for us it also means passion. Passion for the people, Passion for Gelato, Passion for Natural Products.”

What We Believe In

At Amore we aspire to achieve more than profits. When we joined hands for the first time, we chose to invest our lives creating a business that we would be proud of. We endeavour to establish a values-based business that is sustainable.

We truly believe that we can help make the world a brighter place; with more smiles and a lot more love.

Mission Statement

“Establish Amore Gelato as values-based business that produces and serves the highest quality authentic Italian dessert in the world with passion, attention to detail and uncompromising principles while maintaining our commitment to our customers, the environment and the community that supports our growth.”


Vision Statement

To build a brand, “one brick at a time” while weave our values into the fabric of the company by serving truly authentic Italian gelato while being socially conscious and environmentally friendly.

As a values-based organization we believe that there are great rewards in operating a business in a sustainable manner.